Choose the most suitable template for your needs from many templates, edit however you want and add your own logo. Once editing is complete, review your final video, and you can easily upload and share it over social networks. You'll find your video in my Videos page. Also watch the tutorial video on how to make your own video and follow the steps below.

Watch the tutorial video made by the Vidmas team on the homepage.

You can pay using your card via Stripe or Paypal

As long as you do not export the video, you can select the text according to the number of fields you have selected, as well as add the images you want, and redo them. But be aware, once the video is exported you can not go back to the video and modify it.

You can easily share any of your videos via social Media platforms. But you'll find some videos quite suitable to be a story post or a post via an Instagram, some of which are suitable for Snapchat. When you select templates, you can note these properties and choose the most appropriate for the platform you want to share the video over it.

Any project you create is automatically saved on my Videos page, and you are the only one who can delete it. But be aware that payment through Vidmass has been assigned to each export, so check the video well and make the necessary adjustments before exporting.
You can also save your video to your computer directly by clicking on the download button on the My Videos page.

In this case, you can use some image editing applications and tools, and we have discussed this point in detail in an article in the Vidmass blog How to remove images from background to use it in vidmas?

Currently, the system only allows you to add PNG images with specific dimensions, and you can not add videos to reproduce them.

There is currently no smartphone app, just a web platform, but in the future, a Vidmass app will be released on both Android and iOS phones.