Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Please read our agreement carefully before accepting its terms and conditions as it will clarify your responsibilities as user or visitor of the site. It will also define your special responsibility. When you have access to this website and/or use the information available in it or through it you will approve this privacy policy and accept to abide by its items and comply with them. If you don’t approve any or all the items of this agreement please don't use our website or benefit from any of our services.

Modifying the Terms of Use of the Vidmass Website

Vidmass's website reserves the right to amend the condition of this website as it appropriate and at any time. These amendments will become effective as soon as they are posted on the electronic website.

Accordingly the user is responsible for periodically reviewing the terms of use and reviewing any new amendments to them. Your continued use of using the website implicitly means your approval of any updated amendments made or any special policy for Vidmass.

Registration in Vidmass

By registering in our website you agree that all the information provided to us is correct, accurate and updated through registration process. You will be asked to select a password. The password and your account shall be for individual use only. They shall not be shared with any other person. it is possible to share the commercial users' accounts with up to two users inside your establishment, but you shall be responsible for all the activities associated with your account. In your turn you agree to keep the confidentiality of the password at all times and you will be fully responsible for the activities and deals connected with your account or your password.


Vidmass owns the services provided by the website and manages them. Vidmass's services provide the users with the possibility to create a video clip, which is automatically created by Vidmass by using images or graphics (video content). It may contain background music or it may be downloaded (video content). Vidmass provides the users with video templates with freedom to add their special content including images, logos, music etc. . Therefore, the added content should be your own properly. Vidmass disclaims its responsibility for the property of the materials added by yourself. Vidmass has also the right to report any form of violation of the property, copyrights and the recognized restrictions.

Vidmass usage

Before you start using our website and Vidmass, you agree on the following:-

  • You shall guarantee that the e-mail address in your registration account is valid at all times. You must keep your contact information correct ad updated.
  • You shall not create an account to any other person. You shall not also transfer your account to any person without obtaining an explicit written consent of Vidmass.
  • You shall not use the services and materials to impersonate someone else's personality.
  • You shall not upload posts, send, transfer or make available any content carrying virus programs, worm programs, brogan horses, computer, computer codes, files, programs which damage, destroy or restrict the functions and materials available on the website or effect the ability of the users of Vidmass to have access to or benefit from the services.
  • You shall not share your password and shall not allow any body other than yourself to access your account.

In case of violating any of these policies Vidmass will track the violating user's data and he will be prevented from obtaining an account or use the services. If Vidmass decides that your account was used in an illegal activity your account will be cancelled immediately or your financial data will be cleared. Your behavior may be reported to the law enforcement officials in the judicial authorities concerned if it is necessary.


Vidmass shall not be obliged to return the money back to you after you have been informed of the steps showing the working system of Vidmass , to select the templates, buy them and watch the educational video which explains the steps of this. Therefore you have to be careful because Vidmass shall not return the money back to you. For example but not limited to, if you buy the video or the template by mistake, you changed your mind regarding the video or you are no longer willing to use the video.

Social media terms

The user can through Vidmass share his special videos on the social media platforms. We provide you with a feature to create videos which suit all the social media platforms in accordance with the features and operational characteristics offered by these platforms and social networks. We should point out that we don’t control them and they may be changed without notice. Accordingly if any of these social networks stops at some time to provide some or all its features or characteristics to us or what was available to us, Vidmass will stop to provide these features ad characteristics and we shall not be responsible towards you or towards any third party for any change in this regard.

Important instructions should be taken into account

  • Please make your maximum efforts to prevent unauthorized access to the services or using them. For example, the use of a strong password.
  • Keep the confidentiality of your passwords and the login credentials for services.
  • Monitor and control all activities on the account of Vidmass concerning you.
  • Please inform us immediately if you know or think that there is any violation related to account. For example, loss, theft, disclosure or unauthorized use of the user's name, password or the account.
  • You shall comply with the conditions effective on the social media networks which you use including for example, Twitter Service conditions published on Twitter , Facebook Service Conditions published on Facebook , User Agreement published on Linkedin and YouTube Terms of Service published on YouTube .